// Franchising


Cinti considers franchising a collaboration formula to share trade responsibilities Becoming a member of the network means finding an ally to face market challenges together.



Our cooperation strategy with the franchise is based on:

  1. uniting forces
  2. purchase optimization
  3. staff training
  4. a chance for rapid re-stocking and exchange of goods throughout the network
  5. simplification of supplier management
  6. administrative assistance
  7. advertising support
  8. tared flash campaigns based on monthly requirements
  9. training and motivation of staff
  10. investment commensurate with the potential of the shop

TB Holding competitive mix is lays its foundations on an innovative layout, effective brand, product range, profitability and customer satisfaction. Retail stores show a dynamic, friendly style and display new products continually, in terms of both placing and communication.

Cinti store are located in main commercial streets or in major shopping malls of the most important cities of each country with a catchment area 100.000 people. The average surface of the shop is around 80/120 mq for the sales and the warehouse areas.


For the affiliate are not requested royalties or Entrance Fee. The franchisee has to bear only the costs of furniture and of works.
Furthermore, Cinti offers the goods with a formula of goods on commission: items will be paid weekly only after have been sold, the company will be in charge of the stocks remnants. The margin is fixed guaranteed, both in regular season and in season sales.

The franchisee has to bear the costs of furniture and of works. The costs of furniture are around 550 euro per square meters. The cost of works depends on the store preservation status. To open a Cinti store in Italy, the franchisee must also issue a bank guarantee of € 50,000.

Cinti guarantees an ongoing assistance, from the initial pre-opening phase and will also have an high IT support. The IT network will allow constant communication and operations control. The staff of the shop will be trained both in company headquarters and in store.