Francesina, one of the most famous shoes model, has its origins dated back to the 17th century. Francesina was born as a male footwear, characterized by a short heel, in order to satisfy King Louis XIV desire. That is why this shoe got the name “Richelieu”. Then, at the beginning of 1800, another variety appeared in Scotland, where Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, spent their vacation. The Royals requested for a comfortable and robust footwear ideal for inner spaces and even for long promenades in the Scottish lush landscape.

The historical heritage leads Francesina at the beginning of 900. The model is no more addressed only to men, so it is renewed for the pretty female foot and lent a manly style, as Coco Chanel shows in the ‘20es.

Then, female Francesina model crosses the ‘60es characterized by a short heel which highlights a feminine, but even strong and determined soul. Nowadays, this icon of style has several followers thanks to its models versatility. Today, even if the high heel shoes are more fashionable, as more sensual and refined, the short heel version is widely appreciated too, as more glamour for its lively and causal identity.